Pass USMCA Coalition Announces New Advertising Campaign

WASHINGTON (March 27) — Today, the Pass USMCA Coalition, an alliance advocating for swift passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, launched an advertising campaign to highlight the dangers of re-opening the trade pact.


Featuring an eye-catching image of a Jenga-like tower, the advertisement reads, “Canada and Mexico are America’s largest trading partners. The new trade pact will collapse if politics gets in the way. Congress: Give USMCA an up-or-down vote. By a four-to-one margin, voters support this new trade deal.”


A full-page version of the advertisement will debut in POLITICO today. Digital versions will run all week on POLITICO’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere.


“Mexico and Canada have made it clear they have no interest in re-opening this deal,” Rick Dearborn, executive director of Pass USMCA, said. “Re-litigating labor or environmental standards might please some folks, but if the United States re-opens the deal, there’s no telling what Mexico or Canada will demand, nor the harm that might cause so many more workers, consumers and employers.”


“Our new advertisement creatively depicts how re-opening the deal could cause the entire agreement to crumble,” Gary Locke, honorary co-chairman of Pass USMCA, said. “All three nations worked hard to get us here, and this pact is worth ratifying now.”


“The USMCA will lift wages, increase exports, expand choices for consumers, and accelerate innovation,” said former congressman Joe Crowley, honorary co-chairman of Pass USMCA. “It’s imperative for my former colleagues to understand the long-term negative implications if this deal does not get through Congress.”


About Pass USMCA: The Pass USMCA Coalition is a group of trade associations and businesses advocating for the swift passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement. The provisions outlined in USMCA will defend American jobs, cultivate innovation, and encourage business development, spurring growth for local, state, and national economies.


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