Pass USMCA Addresses Announcement of Final USMCA Text

WASHINGTON (December 10) — Today, the Pass USMCA Coalition released the following statement:


“The Pass USMCA Coalition is reviewing the changes that have been made to the trade agreement that was signed in November 2018.


“The Coalition was formed to advocate for the swift, clean passage of the trade agreement that was thoughtfully crafted last year. As originally written, USMCA was a win for American workers, businesses, and innovators — and could have been a model for future agreements.


“However, a host of negative changes have been made over the last year, and these changes were so substantial that they required new signatures by the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The unnecessary decision to strip certain intellectual property protections is particularly concerning, as it puts American scientists and creators at a serious disadvantage abroad. This major change is especially disappointing, as American trade negotiators had an opportunity to set the gold standard for promoting and protecting American innovation in trade deals.


“The USMCA, particularly the IP provisions, should not be a template for future trade agreements. It hurts the nation’s most innovative sectors.”

About Pass USMCA: The Pass USMCA Coalition is a group of trade associations and businesses advocating for the swift passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement. The provisions outlined in USMCA will defend American jobs, cultivate innovation, and encourage business development, spurring growth for local, state, and national economies.


Emily Troisi
(202) 471-4228, ext. 120