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Pass USMCA Applauds Progress on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, 11/15/2019

Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson Debunks Myths Surrounding the USMCA’s Biologics Provision, 9/16/2019

Former Acting and Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Outlines Why USMCA Warrants Bipartisan Support, 8/27/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Hosts “The Why and How of the USMCA” Trade Discussion, 8/19/2019

Cargill, Emerson, and C.H. Robinson Join the Pass USMCA Coalition, 7/17/2019

Pass USMCA Applauds Mexico’s Passage of Landmark North American Trade Deal, 6/21/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition participates in U.S. Chamber of Commerce event: Why USMCA is good for the innovative economies of North America, 5/23/2019

Pass USMCA Applauds Removal of Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Mexico and Canada, 5/21/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Urges Congress to Swiftly Ratify USMCA, 5/8/2019

Former Congressman Erik Paulsen Joins Pass USMCA Coalition, 5/1/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Applauds Mexico’s Passage of Historic Labor Reforms, 4/30/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Adds Eight Groups to Membership Roster, 4/2/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Announces New Advertising Campaign, 3/27/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition Releases First Multi-State TV Advertisement, 3/11/2019

National Association of Manufacturers, National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Domino’s Pizza, and Dow Join Pass USMCA Coalition, 3/7/2019

New Poll: Majority of Americans want Congress to Pass USMCA, 2/26/19

Former Congressman Joe Crowley Joins Pass USMCA Coalition, 2/21/19

New Coalition Launches to Support Congressional Passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, 2/13/2019


Prospects For Stalled USMCA Deal, Bloomberg “Balance of Power,” 12/5/2019

Trump targets drug protections to save trade deal, The Hill, 12/3/2019

Democrats work to bring labor on board trade deal, The Hill, 11/23/2019

Democrats say USMCA deal edging closer to passage, Farm Progress, 11/16/2019

Passing USMCA by Thanksgiving would be a ‘linchpin’ for global trade, former Trump aide says, CNBC, 11/7/2019

Tommy Thompson on Wisconsin Magnum Media, 11/1/2019

USMCA has ‘so much’ that will benefit American companies, workers: Former Commerce Secretary, Fox Business, 10/29/2019

USMCA Advocates See Impeachment as Leverage to Pass Trade Deal, Bloomberg, 10/29/2019

Pass USMCA Senior Adviser and Former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson on WTMJ-AM, Milwaukee, WI, 10/23/2019

Joe Crowley on The Morning Briefing with Tim Farley, SiriusXM P.O.T.U.S., 10/22/2019

Gary Locke on The Big Picture with Olivier Knox, SiriusXM P.O.T.U.S., 10/22/2019

Pressure to pass USMCA grows in Congress, “The Claman Countdown” on Fox Business Network, 10/22/2019

Pass USMCA Senior Adviser Tommy Thompson on WRDN-AM, WRDN-AM, 10/10/2019

Pass USMCA Senior Adviser Tommy Thompson on “Morning Magazine”, WFAW-AM, 10/9/2019

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson Says New NAFTA Deal Could Spur Medical Innovation, Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/7/2019

As Lighthizer Negotiates on USMCA, Former HHS Secretary Warns Against Buying Into ‘Myths’, IPWatchdog, 9/19/2019

Businesses Escalate Push for Trade Pact with Canada, Mexico, The Wall Street Journal, 9/12/2019

Moderates Seen As Key to Ratifying U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal, The Well News, 9/6/2019

Pass USMCA Radio News Program, 9/10/2019

What Does The U.S. – Mexico – Canada Trade Agreement Mean For Texas?, KRLD-AM (Dallas, TX), 9/4/2019

Joe Crowley on The Morning Edition with Bill Maine, WDUN-AM (Gainesville, GA), 9/3/2019

Senior Obama Trade Rep Pushes Biologics Provision in USMCA, Politico Prescription Pulse, 9/3/2019

Erik Paulsen on “Open Line”, KXRA-AM (Alexandria, MN), 8/30/2019

Former Obama USTR backs USMCA trade agreement, Capital Press, 8/28/2019

Former USTR official: USMCA does not prevent changes to U.S. biologics law, Inside Health Policy, 8/27/2019

Former Obama Official Stumps For NAFTA 2.0 Passage, Law360, 8/27/2019

Former USTR official: USMCA does not prevent changes to U.S. biologics law, Inside U.S. Trade, 8/27/2019

White House focused on state, local efforts to push Congress on USMCA, Inside U.S. Trade, 8/9/2019

Manufacturers group lobbies Congress for new North America trade deal, The Hill, 7/17/2019

Erik Paulsen on the Rod Arquette Show, KNRS-FM (Salt Lake City, UT), 7/15/2019

Gary Locke on U.S. Trade Policy, “Washington Journal” on C-SPAN, 7/8/2019

Locke: USMCA Will Be Better For Washington Ag Than NAFTA, Washington Ag Network/KONA-AM/KPQ-AM, 6/26/2019

Trump and Trudeau meet to talk trade and China — and try to get along, The Washington Post, 6/20/2019

Rick Dearborn on “Morning Briefing with Tim Farley”, P.O.T.U.S., Sirius XM 124, 6/19/2019

Gary Locke on USMCA, KGMI-AM (Bellingham, WA), 6/17/2019

Erik Paulsen on “Friends & Neighbors”, KCAJ-FM (Roseau, MN), 6/17/2019

Gary Locke on the “Michael Medved Show”, 6/11/2019

Gary Locke on the Mike Siegel Show, Genesis Communications Network, 6/11/2019

Gary Locke on “Washington to Washington”, TVW/Washington State’s Public Affairs Network, 6/4/2019

Rick Dearborn on KOGO Morning News, KOGO-AM (San Diego, CA), 5/28/2019

Rick Dearborn on The Tyler Cralle Show, WAAV-AM (Wilmington, NC), 5/24/2019

When will USMCA be ratified?, Farm Futures, 5/24/2019

Rick Dearborn on WCBQ-WHNC-AM (North Carolina), 5/23/2019

Dems walk Trump trade tightrope, The Hill, 5/19/2019

Business Groups Target Democrats in Lobby Blitz for New Nafta, Bloomberg, 5/8/2019

Fight over Trump’s new NAFTA hits key stretch, The Hill, 5/7/2019

‘We would like to get to yes:’ Lawmakers signal growing concern on Trump’s Mexico-Canada trade deal, USA Today, 5/3/2019

Congress should support the new NAFTA deal: Joe Crowley, Fox Business, “Making Money with Charles Payne,” 5/3/2019

Erik Paulsen to lead effort to get NAFTA replacement passed, The Star Tribune, 5/1/2019

Ex-GOP lawmaker Erik Paulsen joins USMCA lobbying effort, The Washington Examiner, 5/1/2019

U.S. labor leader on USMCA: Mexico first must prove it’s eradicating ‘700,000 protectionist contracts’, MarketWatch, 4/24/2019

Trade, Trade, and Even More Trade, Ag News Daily Podcast, 4/10/2019

One group working to get new NAFTA to the finish line, “The Open,” BNN Bloomberg, 4/9/2019

Battle brewing on Capitol Hill over new trade agreement, Yahoo Finance, 4/5/2019

Pelosi balks as others push USMCA, Capital Press, 4/5/2019

‘It’s just a report’: U.S. business groups play down coming analysis of new NAFTA deal, The Toronto Star, 4/4/2019

USMCA supporters up pressure for passage with TV spots, op-eds, Inside U.S. Trade, 3/11/2019

USMCA Coalition Launches TV AD, Politico Influence, 3/13/2019

Pass USMCA Coalition airs first TV ad, Capital Press, 3/13/2019

Drive to ratify new North American trade deal gets lift from U.S. TV exposure, The Canadian Press, 3/12/2019

Group pushing NAFTA 2.0 launches first TV ads in effort to win Dem support, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 3/11/2019

Domino’s, manufacturers group join coalition to pass new North American trade deal, The Hill, 3/7/2019

White House insider-turned-trade warrior, Washington Examiner, 3/1/2019

Poll shows support for USMCA ratification, Capital Press, 2/26/2019

New ‘Pass USMCA’ group touts poll showing Americans want Congress to approve the deal, Inside U.S. Trade, 2/26/2019

Pro-NAFTA Democrats worry liberals could kill the renegotiated deal, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 2/25/2019

Ex-Clinton official: Secure USMCA vote first, Capital Press, 2/25/2019

Wary of Trump’s Approach, Governors Seek to Forge Own Trade Agreements, Governing, 2/24/2019

Former Rep. Joe Crowley Joins Coalition To Support Trump’s Trade Agreement, HuffPost, 2/21/2019

Democrat defeated by Ocasio-Cortez tells party: Be careful before tanking new USMCA, Politico Pro, 2/21/2019

Crowley Joins USMCA Lobbying Effort, Politico Morning Trade, 2/21/2019

Crowley joins coalition to pass Trump’s new NAFTA, The Hill, 2/21/2019

TL;DR: Gearing Up For USMCA, AI’s Risky Business, And Going Low, Delve, 2/20/2019

Trump calls for hard lines on immigration and trade, High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal, 2/16/2019

USMCA Coalition Formed During 116th Congress, Global Trade Magazine, 2/14/2019

Business groups launch coalition to push for USMCA’s passage, Inside U.S. Trade, 2/13/2019

‘Pass USMCA’ forms to push for passage of trade pact, Farm Progress, 2/13/2019

US steel and aluminum tariffs threaten Mexican, Canadian USMCA support, Agri-Pulse, 2/13/2019

Trade groups tap ex-Trump, Obama officials to push USMCA deal, Washington Examiner, 2/13/2019

Former Washington governor heads USMCA coalition, Capital Press, 2/13/2019

Former Trump aide launches coalition to pass new NAFTA, The Hill, 2/13/2019

New Research! The New United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Implications for Washington State, Washington Council on International Trade, 12/5/2018

Maryscott Greenwood, CEO of the Canadian American Business Council, joins BNN Bloomberg to assess USMCA just over two weeks after it was struck, BNN Bloomberg, 10/15/2018

SBE Council Responds to new USMCA Trade Deal (NAFTA 2.0), 10/1/2018

Canadian American Business Council CEO Scotty Greenwood discusses what the USMCA means for business, Fox Business, 10/1/2018


Mr. President, Don’t Cave to Pelosi on USMCA Drug Provision, Townhall, 12/5/2019

USMCA Would Prevent Other Countries from Taking Advantage of American Researchers, RealClearHealth, 12/5/2019

USMCA Will Help American Patients, Global Forbes, 12/4/2019

A Vote on USMCA is a Vote for Predictability, Global Trade Magazine, 11/20/2019

Trade deal between US, Mexico and Canada carries big benefits – Congress should approve it, Fox News, 11/13/2019

New England needs Congress to ratify US, Canada, Mexico trade deal, The Springfield Republican, 11/11/2019

Trump’s North America Trade Deal Will Give U.S. Companies Confidence in Uncertain Times, Newsweek, 10/25/2019

Trump’s new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is just what we need. Democrats should support it, CNN Business, 10/7/2019

The USMCA Could Spur Medical Breakthroughs. Here’s How, Fortune, 9/27/2019

U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement will usher in next generation of biologics medicine, The Tennessean, 9/7/2019

USMCA good deal for union workers, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/31/2019

U.S./Mexico/Canada Free Trade Deal Will Be Good For Patients, Too, Issues & Insights, 8/28/2019

Protect drug innovation in trade deal, The Detroit News, 8/8/2019

Congress must pass trade agreement to ensure New England growth, Boston Business Journal, 7/25/2019

Mexico-Canada trade deal key to New England’s continued growth, Hartford Business Journal, 7/22/2019

To find tomorrow’s cures pass trade deal today, The Morning Call, 7/21/2019

New North American trade agreement would help Latinos, Orlando Sentinel, 7/18/2019

Brett: New England needs approval of new NAFTA, New Hampshire Business Review, 7/15/2019

USMCA fuels America’s innovation economy, Deseret News, 7/14/2019

State’s winemakers toast opportunity in trade pact, The Everett Daily Herald, 7/14/2019

China chases U.S. on wooing innovators, The Detroit News, 7/1/2019

USMCA right tool for Midwest economies, The Canton Repository, 6/29/2019

With the USMCA, free trade finally goes digital, Washington Examiner, 6/1/2019

Gary Locke: My Fellow Democrats Are Skeptical About the USMCA. They Shouldn’t Be, Fortune, 5/30/2019

Howard Dean: Why supporting the USMCA trade deal will help Democrats win in 2020, CNBC, 5/29/2019

USMCA good for Texas, The McAllen Monitor, 5/21/2019

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Brings NAFTA Into the 21st Century, Newsweek, 4/24/2019

Why Congress Should Pass The USMCA Trade Deal, International Business Times, 3/27/2019

Washington state has much at stake in trade deal with Canada, Mexico, The Seattle Times, 3/24/2019

The Future of Trade, Karen Kerrigan, Fox Business, 3/11/2019

What small businesses and entrepreneurs hope to hear in Trump’s State of the Union, Karen Kerrigan, Fox Business, 2/5/2019

Passing US/Mexico/Canada Deal would bring big benefits to our economy, Steve Forbes, Fox News, 1/27/2019

Why America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs win under USMCA, Karen Kerrigan, Fox Business, 1/22/2019